There are a few classes working together for editable. Base class editableform is form with single input and two buttons. Input can be one of several input types (text, textarea, etc). Form markup is performed in plain HTML or can be extended by some library (bootstrap, jquery-ui). editableContainer includes editableform and shows it in popup or inline mode. When popup it can use any container for display (popover, tooltip, etc). Final class editable binds editableContainer to DOM element storing value and being updated after user submits new value.

Simple text field superuser
Empty text field, required
Select, local array, custom display
Select, remote array, no buttons Admin
Select, error while loading Active
Datepicker 25.02.2013
Combodate (date)
Combodate (datetime)
Bootstrap Datetimepicker 15/03/2013 12:45
Textarea, buttons below. Submit by ctrl+enter awesome user!
Select2 (tags mode) html, javascript
Select2 (dropdown mode)