Careers in Education

Get prepared for success in a variety of fields

When you think about getting a degree from the IUPUI School of Education, you probably imagine yourself in a K–12 classroom, teaching students what they need to know to succeed in life.

And for good reason. Teaching is a rewarding profession—and one that is bursting with job opportunities in Indiana and across the country. Almost every state is facing a teaching shortage, particularly in special education, English as a second language, and STEM fields.

But teaching is only one of the careers you can pursue with an education degree.

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An education degree gives you the skills employers want

Many of the skills that are essential to being effective in the classroom are highly desired by employers in almost every industry you can think of. As an education student, you learn to feel comfortable with public speaking. You learn how to communicate effectively in both small groups and large. And you learn how to make complex topics understandable to anyone—regardless of age or schooling level.

That expertise can make you an invaluable addition to an employer's team.

School counselor

School counselors help students with academic, social, and career development, making sure they have the support they need to succeed.

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School administrators

Principals, assistant principals, and other school officials are responsible for overseeing all school operations. They make decisions about curriculum, manage teachers and other staff, and more. 

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Consider careers outside the education space

Education degrees can be equally valuable outside of traditional career choices. 

Alternative career paths include:

  • Curriculum content creator
  • Education program director at a  zoo, museum, or other cultural attraction
  • Textbook editor
  • Corporate trainer
  • Sales representative

In short, there's no limit to what you can do with an education degree.