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The primary goal for the IU School of Education in Indianapolis Research Office is to foster a research culture within the school which is faculty-directed, collaborative, and productive.

The School of Education
Research Speakers Series

Each month, we host the School of Education Research Speakers Series. These talks will highlight one of our esteemed colleagues as they share insights from a recent publication or other scholarly product and how their work informs practice and policy.

The School of Education Research Speaker Series presents: Dr. Lasana Kazembe

This SoE Research Series presentation examines two recently authored publications (book chapters) examining the rich intellectual genealogy, pedagogical legacy, and prodigious scholarship of Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson. The first text is an analysis of Woodson’s key role as an early pioneer of curriculum development and what would eventually become the field and discipline of Black/Africana Studies. Dr. Kazembe examines how Dr. Woodson’s ginormous contributions have shaped his own theorizing and practice within the field of Curriculum Studies. The second text is an intellectual portrait of what Dr. Kazembe terms “Woodsonian philopraxis,” which is a formalized, scientific, and culturally insistent approach to knowledge, knowledge production, and communally engaged action designed and implemented to bring about liberation. The deep historical analysis continues by discussing the numerous unsung scholars, writers, and activists who assisted Dr. Woodson in his Sacred Mission.

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The School of Education Research Speaker Series presents: Dr. Kathleen King Thorius

This first presentation is from Dr. Kathleen King Thorius. She is the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Equity Center, and a Professor at Indiana University School of Education Indianapolis. Additionally, she is an editor for both Exceptional Children, the flagship special journal of the Council for Exceptional Children, and Multiple Voices: Disability, Race, and Language Intersections in Special Education. During this session, Dr. Kathleen King Thorius will be highlighting her new book, Equity Expansive Technical Assistance for Schools: Education Partnerships to Reverse Racial Disproportionality.

The School of Education Research Speaker Series presents: Dr. Jim Scheurich

As a seasoned qualitative researcher and editor of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (QSE) for over three decades, Dr. Scheurich will be discussing two key issues in critical qualitative research during his upcoming AERA Guba lecture this April. Firstly, he will address concerns regarding coding. He questions the validity of our coding assumptions from an epistemological standpoint, highlighting its ties to colonialism within qualitative research. Secondly, he will highlight the insufficient understanding of white supremacy and systemic racism in qualitative research, particularly within critical qualitative studies. Dr. Scheurich will emphasize the need for a deeper comprehension of the pervasive nature of U.S. white supremacy and systemic racism and suggest ways to address this gap.

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