Urban Education Studies Minor

Urban Education Studies Minor

The Urban Education Studies Minor at IU Indianapolis will provide students with an opportunity to examine systematically an institution that occupies a unique position in society and profoundly influences the lives of virtually every member of society. This program enables undergraduate students to gain a critical understanding of the correlations between education and the development of societies and individuals. The Urban Education Studies Minor students will encounter the wide array of professional possibilities in the field of education and beyond. The minor is geared toward those students who want a richer understanding of the how education systems work and enable those considering a career outside of school settings. 

Careers for students with the Urban Education Studies Minor

  • Curriculum content creator 

  • Education program director at a zoo, museum, or other cultural attraction 

  • Textbook editor 

  • Corporate trainer 

  • Sales representative 

  • Early Childhood Center Business Owners 

Impact on future graduate

Teaching, but not seeking certification as an undergraduate 

  • Graduate studies in education or the social sciences 

  • Careers in public policy or law 

  • Careers in educational non-profits or other out-of-school spaces  

  • Other areas where K-12 education is a focus 

Required minor courses

Required courses for the minor (with minimum grades required): All classes will require a C+ Grade. The classes for the minor are: 

  • Education P – 251, Education Psychology 
  • Education E – 201, Multicultural Education/Global Awareness 
  • Education H – 341, American Culture and Education 
  • Education W – 200, Using Computers in Education 
  • Education D – 470Community Based Education Internship