Renew Your License

License renewal

The length of your initial licensing period depends on the framework under which you were originally licensed. Under the Rules 46-47 licensing framework, licenses are valid for five years. Those who hold professionalized licenses may renew for 10 years.

Under the more recent Rules 2002/REPA framework, initial licenses are valid for two years, and renewal is dependent upon your participation in a mentorship/residency program under the guidance of an experienced Indiana teacher. However, if extenuating circumstances prevent you from taking part in a mentorship program (if you are teaching outside Indiana, or have not yet found a teaching position), you can request a two-year license extension from the state.

Review Options for License Renewal

Renewing or Converting an Initial Practitioner’s License

Initial Practitioner Licenses are valid for two (2) years.  If you do not have two (2) years of fulltime teaching experience at an accredited school, you must renew this license.

Initial Practitioner Licenses can be converted to a five (5) year Proficient Practitioner License, after two (2) years of fulltime teaching, through one of two methods:

  • Traditional IMAP Participation, or
  • Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

Review Options for License Conversion

What is a Proficient Practitioner License?

This is a five-year license issued to teachers upon completion of the IMAP. A Proficient Practitioner License is equivalent to first grade, provisional, and standard licenses under prior rules.

What is an Accomplished Practitioner License?

This is a ten-year license renewable for ten-year periods issued to an educator that has met the professionalization requirements for the Educator’s License. An Accomplished Practitioner License is equivalent to a Professional License under prior rules.

Ready for your Accomplished Practitioner License?

Professionalization requirements for the various license types

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