IU School of Education Faculty Awards

Below are awards given to our faculty for the outstanding work they have done for the school, community, or their area of expertise


Women's History Month Recognition Award Ceremony

Our amazing winners were Kristina Johnson-Yates, who took home the 2023 Graduate / Professional Student WHM Recognition Award, Ruthie Payno-Simmons, PhD, who won the 2023 Newcomer Staff WHM Recognition Award, and Crystal Hill-Morton PhD, who was awarded the 2023 Veteran Faculty WHM Recognition Award.

Associate Dean, Cleveland Hayes, awarded the Chancellor's Diversity Scholar award

The award recognizes an outstanding faculty member who exemplifies the value of diversity in his or her scholarship and service and maintains a record of high accomplishment and leadership. Associate Dean Cleveland Hayes demonstrates to the School of Education and IUPUI campus, the ability to infuse a common thread of diversity, service, and leadership.

Dr. Scheurich earns Egon G. Guba 2023 Award

Congratulations to Dr. Scheurich for advancing the field of qualitative research in critiquing traditional ways of conducting research!

In our archives

Teresa Sosa

The IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs has appointed Teresa Sosa, associate professor of urban teacher education, as its first director of equity education. Sosa previously served as the office’s faculty fellow for diversity and inclusion, working on projects related to faculty hiring, and researching ongoing efforts to recruit and retain a more diverse faculty.

Cristina Santamaria Graff 

Received 2021 Down Syndrome Indiana STAR award and selected as a Faculty Fellow - Indiana Campus Connect.

Joey Feldman 

SOE Student honored in the "2021 IUPUI Elite 50". Each year, IUPUI honors 50 graduate and professional students who demonstrate excellence beyond the classroom in areas such as campus leadership, scholarly work, and community engagement.

Jeremy Price and Natash Flowers 

Received the 2021 School of Education Trustees' Teaching Award which honors individuals who have a positive impact on learning through the direct teaching of students, especially undergraduates…[having] demonstrated a sustained level of teaching excellence in the form of documented student learning.” Natasha and Jeremy were selected based on the review of the School’s Annual Performance Review Committee. In addition to the recognition of their teaching excellence, the award provides a cash award of $2,500. 

Cleveland Hayes 

Selected as a AESA Executive Council Member.

Teresa Sosa 

Selected as a Faculty Fellow - Office of Academic Affairs.

Khaula Murtadha

Received the 2021 Mawhinney Distinguished Service Award by UCEA.

Scribner, Samantha (Faculty)

Journal of Research on Leadership Education Best Article Award for the 2018 publication year

Skelton, Seena (Faculty)

KU Leadership to the Special Education Field Award- 2020 Recipient

Scheurich, Jim (Faculty)

Human and Civil Rights activism at the 46th Annual Indianapolis Education Association (IEA, the local teachers’ union) Human Rights Awards Luncheon

Clegg, Paige (Student)

IUPUI Top 100 Students

Hussain, Myra (Student)

IUPUI Top 100 Students

Byers, Tevin (Student)

University Fellowship

Thompson, Chalmer (Faculty)

2020 Chancellor's Diversity Scholar

Scribner, Samantha (Faculty)

2020 Alvin S Bynum Faculty Mentor Award

Keller, Deb (Faculty)

Favorite Professors by the Athletics Division

Yoder, Gina (Faculty)

Favorite Professors by the Athletics Division

Cunningham, Ronald (Student)

Favorite Professors by the Athletics Division

Jackson, Robin (Student)

IUPUI Elite 50

Rowley, Latosha (Student)

IUPUI Elite 50

Patrick, Shawn (Student)

William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion

Thompson, Chalmer (Faculty)

2020 African American Excellence in Education Award

Morton, Crystal (Faculty)

2020 African American Excellence in Education Award

Flowers, Natasha (Faculty)
2020 African American Excellence in Education Award

Kyser, Tiffany (Staff)

2020 African American Excellence in Education Award

Shabazz, Khalilah (Staff)

2020 African American Excellence in Education Award

Medina, Monica (Faculty)

one of ten people recognized for her work and accomplishments toward helping the Latino community thrive in Indianapolis

Flowers, Natasha (Faculty)

Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Fellow

Greenidge, Taneshia (Faculty)

2020-2022 SACES Emerging Leader with the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

Bang, Na Mi (Faculty)

2020 NCACES Outstanding Diversity Award Nomination

Blackmon, Sha’Kema (Faculty)

Favorite Professor

Kazembe, Lasana (Faculty)

Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) Fellowship Program Induction

Morton, Crystal (Faculty)

Service Teaching and Research (STAR) in Mathematics Education Fellow

Santamaria Graff, Cristina (Faculty)

Celebration of Teaching and Engaged Learning Honoree

Santamaria Graff, Cristina (Faculty)

Campus Compact Award Honoree for the Ernest A. Lynton Award.

Santamaria Graff, Cristina (Faculty)

Faculty Fellow. Indiana Campus Connect.

Santamaria Graff, Cristina (Faculty)

Honoree, IUPUI Bringle & Hatcher Civic Engagement Showcase

Teemant, Annela Yoder, Gina B. Santamaria-Graff, Cristina (Faculty)

Best of the Best in Indiana Higher Education TESOL

Thompson, Chalmer (Faculty)

Outstanding Educator, Indiana Black Expo

Moreland, Brooke (Staff)

2020 Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award

Cristina Santamaria Graff (Faculty)

2019 recipient of the Ernest A. Lynton Award for Engaged Scholarship for Early Career Faculty

Pat Rogan (Faculty)

IPS/Community Partner Board Recognition