License Addition

Enhance your career possibilities with a licensure addition

Obtaining a licensure addition is a great way to expand the content areas that you are qualified to teach in, making it even simpler to find a job you love.

As a rule, licensure addition programs prepare you to meet the standards established by the Indiana Professional Standards Board (IPSB) for teaching in the chosen area. However, they aren't specifically designed to enhance your performance on a developmental basis, so they don't add to or change the level of your license.

If you add a licensure addition while you are a student in the Teacher Education program, you will complete eight weeks of regular student teaching and eight weeks (divided between 4 credit hours of regular student teaching and 4 credit hours in the practicum) in a specialized placement specific to the license.

You can also add a licensure addition independently of the program. If this is your situation, you must complete a 6 credit hour practicum.