Pre-Licensing Assessments

Testing requirements for teacher licensure in Indiana

The state of Indiana requires that you pass certain tests and report the results if you are applying for a teaching license. You will need to demonstrate proficiency in three areas—basic skills, pedagogy, and at least one content area in the teaching major.

Developmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessments

Under the current licensing rule—REPA—a pedagogy/developmental exam is required for anyone applying for an initial practitioner instructional license. This exam covers the strategies of teaching, such as methodology, classroom management, student development and diversity, learning processes, learning environment, instructional planning, assessments, and professional environment. These topics are covered in teacher preparation programs at the IU School of Education at IUPUI.

You must pass the developmental area assessment that matches the grade level you are planning to teach—Early Childhood (P–3), Elementary School (K–6), Secondary School (5–12), or Preschool through Grade 12 (P–12).

Content Area Assessments

At least one Indiana CORE content area assessment is required for initial teacher licensure. Over 50 content area assessments are available in Indiana.

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