Special Education

Get certified to teach students with dis/abilities

You can apply for certification in special education at both the undergraduate or graduate level. However, you cannot get your initial license in special education. It must be added to your primary license in either elementary or secondary education.

Courses for both undergraduate and graduate licensure are offered in the evening. Classes usually meet once a week during the fall and spring semesters and twice a week during summer sessions. Additional class sections may be offered during the summer and other semesters based on demand.

Secondary and all-grades teachers may also need additional coursework in math and reading and math methods to complete special education certification requirements.

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Getting a license in special education as part of the Teacher Education program

If you want to specialize in special education, you can apply for a license as part of your Teacher Education Program. After completing this program, you will receive certification in "mild" interventions, as established by the Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD).

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