Course Evaluation

Submitting Course Evaluations Online

Use the Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) to provide faculty feedback for your class for this semester. Students and instructors can access the Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) system for completing online course evaluations within Canvas.


Within Canvas, navigate to any course you're enrolled in at one of the campuses using OCQ. In the course left navigation, click OCQ Student Login. If an online course evaluation is available for you, you'll be directed there; if not, you'll see "There are no course questionnaires available at the moment."

To access OCQ outside of Canvas, see Navigating OCQ: How can students complete online course evaluations?


  1. Within Canvas, navigate to any course you're teaching at one of the campuses using OCQ.

  2. In the left course navigation, click Online Course Questionnaire.If you don't see the link, see the Canvas Guide How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links?

  3. You'll see the following options:

    • Course Questionnaires: View questionnaires currently available to you
    • Course Questionnaire Response Rates: View response rates for questionnaires
    • Course Questionnaire Reports: View reports for questionnaires associated with courses you are teaching

Note: Only instructors and administrators can see the Online Course Questionnaire option; for students to use OCQ, OCQ Student Login must be active in the course navigation.

For more on using OCQ outside of Canvas, see: